Early Tomatoes and Hell’s Kitchen Ketchup

There’s a strange feeling growing inside me, I cannot hardly wait for spring.  Last February when I arrived in Washington it was fifty-three degrees outside and I couldn’t see any snow.  I know we’re only in the early days of January, but the anticipation of green grass and  rain showers has erupted inside me to a point that I have begun seedlings for my garden.

One week before Christmas Day, to be exact, I planted a flat of tomato seeds.  These were last years seeds, so I expected a few duds.  Also, finding a warm sunny spot in the house is quite a chore.  However, a few have sprouted.

This is a baby roma.  With the fruits it grows I will make sauces, salads, and ketchup!  Today, I took some of our tomatoes from last year and made ketchup, with a recipe out of the cookbook written by my old boss at Hell’s Kitchen (has nothing to do with the show) in Minneapolis, Damn Good Food.

I worked at Hell’s for a few years before moving to Washington.  When I started there I was hesitant to try the ketchup.  I not so fondly remembered the ketchup my mother made when I was a kid.  This was different, better.  After becoming a believer in the red condiment, I could no longer eat the grocery store variety, it all tasted like goopy vinegar.  I became a ketchup snob, to the point that I don’t eat it any longer now that I do not have access to the good stuff.  Also, there is something about homegrown tomatoes that beat out those found in any store.  The flavor difference is remarkable.

I am not sure I am allowed to share the ketchup recipe, so go to Hell’s Kitchen’s website and buy it yourself.  Then also, make the lemon ricotta hotcakes.  (yum)  Happy Cooking!


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8 Responses to Early Tomatoes and Hell’s Kitchen Ketchup

  1. Oregon Sunshine says:

    Some day, we will be where I can have a giant garden again. Then, I will try your ketchup recipe. A good ketchup recipe is very important!

  2. Mystie says:

    I saw some starter tomato sets a couple weeks ago and wanted to get them, but opted not to since I have no idea where I’d find a sunny spot that the cat couldn’t get to. If nothing else, I am growing my own tomatoes this year. I’ll show those damn uppity Mennonite farm girls. I’m no good with landscaping but I’m thinking the spot here behind the front deck is good, but it’s not particularly flat. Damn giant hill behind the house.

    I was told I’m possibly getting a gift card to something called Burpee for my birthday, which I Googled, and appears to be some seed supply store thingy. Yay!

  3. Melissa Carey says:

    I feel the same way about winter right now… Did you can the tomatoes? I’m so jealous. I want a garden!!!!! Love you!

  4. melsar93 says:

    I plan on making some Ketchup from Hell sometime this year and you’ve inspired me to grow some fresh tomatoes for it.

  5. DJ D says:

    I’ve never had ketchup that wasn’t store bought, but I can only imagine that what you’re doing must taste much better. I do know for sure that homegrown tomatoes and ones from farmers markets around here taste a million times better than that crap at the grocery stores. There’s a world of difference in the taste there.

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