Giant Winter Carrots

You know those people who always mention how their fresh veggies out of their garden are superior in taste to anything you can find at the grocery store?  It’s as though there is a magical force field around their plot which creates vegetation better than any you have ever experienced.  I am now one of those people.  My grape tomatoes last year were eaten like candy.  My potatoes mashed fantastically. And my carrots were sweet, crisp and better the longer they were allowed to grow in the ground.

Much of those carrots are still in the ground.  With carrots you can leave them to grow and use them as you need them.  Even through a few feet of snow and temperatures below zero, they are thriving.  Today, we dug some up for dinner.  Here, let me show you!  *imagine me giving a large sweeping motion with my arm as to invite you into my superior magical garden, and listen carefully as I sweep my arm through the air so you can hear the mystical sounding chime rings…or don’t.*

We pushed away some snow and could already see the tops of the carrots.  Digging the veggies can be difficult if the ground is really hard, luckily we’ve had a little thaw.

I always wonder if we are going to be able to eat all the carrots we dig before they spoil.  And we always do.

I found a couple crazy huge carrots in the bunch.  That’s a AA sized battery to show scale.  Dang.

I am only learning how to make the gardening season last beyond the first and last frosts of the year, but this is one very easy way to eat out of your garden long after the snow falls.


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5 Responses to Giant Winter Carrots

  1. Mystie says:

    I don’t even know what the heck I’d do with all those giant mutant carrots aside from making a giant mutant carrot salad. I’d need a lot of eggs and mayo.

  2. Bad Pants says:

    If those are your carrots, I’m going to be in awe of your potatoes. Those are AWESOME!

  3. Oregon Sunshine says:

    Were your giant, mutant carrots woody at all? I’ve sometimes seen that happen. I know we wouldn’t eat all those carrots before they turned on us, but I’d probably share with the ponies anyways. AND they’d be a great excuse to make Boeuf Bourguignon often. Mmmm! Carrots with Oregon Pinot Noir! (I know. I’m spoiled.)

    I have a book called “The Four Season Harvest” that is just sitting on my bookcase, waiting for us to move where I can have a garden. I hope that’s soon!

  4. DJ D says:

    I can’t wait for Halloween to come around and see what kind of pumpkin patch you come up with.

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