Indoor Clotheslines Are Not Illegal

There’s a bizarre debate happening these days revolving around the legality of clothesline bans in private communities.  This article shows that certain people don’t want to look at your panties out of their dining room window while they are eating caviar out of gold bowls.

While I don’t want to look at your panties while I am eating either, I sure wouldn’t create a ban of the activity or report you to an association so you’ll get a fine.  But it is happening.

Rejoice, my friends!  For this ban does not include winter drying inside!   I have read different statistics on how much money the electricity costs per load of laundry dried.  The answer is somewhere between $1.08 and $2.25 per load.  When you live in a frigid climate, as I do, you cannot dry outside for many months a year.  You can still dry without a dryer.

Hanging your clothes on hangers is just one way.  There’s plenty of drying racks available that work better clothing items that would misshape terribly on a hanger.  And, if your climate is as dry in the winter as mine, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of time.  You can usually hang it at night and it’s dry by morning.

Save money, make the environment happy, and until you have to roll your sleeves up and fight the crazy clothesline banners this spring, hang your clothes to dry inside!


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4 Responses to Indoor Clotheslines Are Not Illegal

  1. Thom says:

    Hanging your clothes also saves them! I always hang my pants to dry, partly because I am “BIG” & “TALL” so my size is hard to find (and it is really lame to be tall and have “High Waters”), but also it adds years to my pants :D. I still have jeans from High School!

  2. Mystie says:

    I have a big indoor drying rack that I use to hang all my expensive bras on to make sure they maintain proper boobie shape. I considered putting up an outdoor laundry line in the spring, but we get such bad wind here my panties would be all over the place.

  3. DJ D says:

    I’ve actually done this as well, and it generally works. My problem though was just finding places inside to hang them. I only had so many spots that hangers would hang from or to drape the clothes over. But, like you said, it is a great alternative.

    There is one house near here that hangs all their laundry on the fence outside. I don’t know if I’m down with that, but I guess that would work just as well. I remember my grandparents doing it all the time when I was a kid.

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