This blog still exists!  I have only chosen to ignore it for two months.

Today, we purchased birds.  Look close and you will find three different kinds of birds; two types of laying hens and bronze turkeys.  I really love turkeys when they are chicks.  I really hate them when they are adults.  I think I might have to film our ornery tom when I feed him some day and you can be a witness to his need to bite human flesh.  However, when he was a chick he was just as adorable as these little puff balls.

Next week we buy meat birds.  I protested against Cornish cross chicks this year and won.  Last year we had our own personal Food Inc. in the back yard with gluttonous birds who could literally not life their butts off the ground when they poo-pooed because they were genetically designed to eat themselves to obesity.

Stick around, I have more farm stuff to show you…and…homemade hummus!


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3 Responses to Birds!

  1. Homemade hummus? I’m listening!

    What kind of turkeys do you have? I have personally had very, very bad experiences with white turkeys. I worked for a horse breeder than was also a bird connoisseur. Her white turkeys were aggressive and given the run of the place. We barn girls weren’t allowed to defend ourselves, AT ALL. I can’t tell you the number of times I’d be cleaning a stall with an already nasty tempered horse in it and then be cornered in there by the white turkeys. Somehow, being bit and kicked by the horse was preferable than losing my job. (Oh yeah! It paid for my own horse!) So, I HATE white turkeys to this day.

    Now, oddly, she had a lovely Bronze tom that I used to hug. He was the sweetest, gentlest guy!

    If things go right, we’ll be getting turkeys soon-ish. And chickens. And goats! And, and, and! I’m thinking I’d like to raise the bourbon reds. Any experience with them?

  2. Oh! And I meant to ask, what breed of meat birds are you planning to use? Since I already knew about the Cornish X issue, I had planned on using one of the heavier, duel purpose breeds. Probably Orpingtons or Australorps. At least the first year. After that, it would have been whatever hatched from Joe the Americauna and my assorted ladies.

    • kristiane says:

      We have bronze turkeys. They were gentle enough, until about December (around 6 months) We kept a hen and tom hoping they might make babies, but that never happened. This year we also bought bronze turkeys and I am determined to butcher the adults before we let the chicks loose in the coops.

      For meat birds, we are going to buy Red Broilers again this year, we bought about thirty last year. They do not fatten nearly as fast as the Cornish Cross, but they look so much happier 🙂 We also had problems with nearly every Cornish when we butchered. One even developed gang green (I spelled that wrong, I’m sure) from an injury he received because he could not pick his fat butt off the ground. I think we bought ten Cornish, about half ended up dying from various things and the other half ended up as dog food. Totally not worth the money.
      The Red Broilers also make beautiful brown eggs, we still have five we never butchered of the thirty from last year and they are laying pretty good right now. Winter was tough for eggs because they don’t get enough heat/light to produce well.

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