Garden has been started!

These pictures are from a few weeks ago.  My intention is to update every couple weeks with new and excited photos of plants growing, that’s a step above grass growing folks!

This year we decided to be ambitious (slightly stupid) and quadruple the size of our garden to 10,000 square feet!  If things go as planned we should have over 700 pounds of potatoes, over 1000 onions, endless tomatoes, and much more.  Needless to say the next project is building a root cellar.

Here’s the plot.  Not much to see yet.

I was unaware that planting blue potatoes would produce blue leaves.

And here is a row if teeny corn.

Lettuce.  My favorite thing about lettuce is they seem to sprout overnight.

One of FIFTY SIX tomato plants.

This is not in the garden.  Last year I grew about 75 sunflowers and in the fall much of the seeds fell and scattered and now we have sunflowers popping up all over the yard in any bare patch of dirt available.

So that’s the beginning.  I took these on the first of June, so much has changed.  Maybe by August I’ll get to part two 😉

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3 Responses to Garden has been started!

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  2. *Jealous! Our garden plans here turned into an epic fail when the landlord got wishy-washy about putting the garden in. My starts held on strong until the heat just got to them this week. Sadly, I’ll be tossing them into the manure pile tomorrow.

  3. Vaporman says:

    We tried the in-ground garden one year. It was terrible. So now we have 2 (going on 3) raised garden boxes about 4′ x 8′. Strawberries in one whole box. Then a pumpkin, some tomatoes and a pepper, onions and a watermelon plant in the second one. The 3rd will have potatoes and some other random veggies. Raised boxes are far better for us here. Our ground is just dreadful.

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